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    Please help me :(
    Family relationship. my dad is works in a bank. my mom is a home maker nd i hv a elder brother. The problem at my home is all of us. we dont share things wid each oder or we jst dnt like to share. wenever it comes to discuss something wid our family members it always ends up wid a heated arguement or a fight. we never show our love to each odr bt we express our anger in frnt of odr people specially my dad. i just want to know how to deal wid my father. hes very short tempered person who nevr likes to listen to us what we are tryin to say. specially wid my mom whose goin thru her menopause tym. wenever shes tryin to xpress herself to my dad, he always looses his temper nd shouts on her. he doesnt hv patient at all. and she gets hurt. dey hv been married fr d past 27 yrs. bt nw ders no luv between dem nd main thing my mom cant even xpress ny family or health issuses to him. nd my dad hs a lot lot lot of ego problem. so d thing wts gng on rt nw at home is v dnt talk politely at home wid each odr at all. always in anger mood. basically no seen of xpressin luv may b too shy to do dt bt xpressing anger very easily. so kindly help me hw to deal wid my dad.

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