Father against our wishes

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    Sir I belong to a typical orthodox rajput family and I love a girl of Kalal family. I’m 19 and my girlfriend is of 17, I know we are very young to discuss all this with our families but the problem is my father himself closed all the doors of marrying her in future. My father was told by someone that I’m dating that girl.
    My dad didn’t speak a single word with me and directly talked to her dad and humiliated him.
    Now, her parents hate my dad and don’t want us to be in contact her parents have resisted her to go out and and speak to anyone, she’s i hell she doesn’t even have phone and any kind of support.
    Not only this my dad called all my relatives and childhood friends to talk to me, it’s my complete disrespect. I’m in depression and really can’t live without her. She supports and motivates me to become something.
    I’m sure we’re not going to be separate in future.
    Help me it’s like hell for both of us😢



    Hi Akshay,

    You said “she supports , motivates you and you’ll are not going to separate in future”….and she will continue to do so life long too IF you want her to . I will not say that you’ll are too young etc also , since you’ll are lucky to have found each other at this age. Now , you should absolutely concentrate on your studies , career and be sooo successful in life , for each other so that nonone can seperate you’ll. Instead of getting into depression and worrying about it , make it your strength , work towards it , you and her. and if youre love is true you’ll will be successful in it. Dont fight or quarrel with your parents about it , or dont take them wroong , as parents they are trying to see what is best for both of you’ll. Once you’ll prove yourselves in few years , I am sure they will be extremely happy to be happy for you’ll.

    All the best.

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