Fear of abandonment

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    I am a 21 year old female pursuing a bachelors in technology degree.
    i stay in my institute’s hostel.
    Ever since i left my home and went to my hostel.
    I have experienced some issues like fear of abandonment , loneliness , insecurities.
    This all started in my first year at college when i started feeling left out among other girls. My roommate wasn’t of a good nature She would spread rumors and talk behind my back to distance me from other hostel mates
    I havent been able to move on from that feeling . I made some friends at the end of my first year.They are also friends with my roommate
    I changed my room in 2nd year
    I will be joining the third year of my college in about 8-9 days
    There are a few good friends i have, i dont want to loose them , i fear even they will leave. I will be left alone without anyone. I fear to the point that their interaction with a specific person might ruin their friendship for me.
    My parents dont allow me to go on college trips. I fear if my friends go out with other people on a trip. They will become acquainted with them and will give me less time or leave me alone.
    There are many nights I cry,I need someone to be there with me at all times.
    I cant even study properly .
    In a few days i will begin my third year at college , I am very scared I dont want to go back there, i want to stay at home. Please help me .
    I might not be able to complete my education properly . I have 2 more years of college left .My anxiousness and tension of going back to college doesnt let me sleep . I feel helpless .
    I would like to seek medical attention and help as soon as possible.
    Please inform me of the required medicines which i can take.
    My college starts in a few days and I dont want to face the similar issues i faced there.

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