Fear of being alone

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    I am a woman aged 25, working as a Software Engineer. I am married. I am writing this thread for my mother, aged 59. She is working in a Govt institution as a Joint Director.
    For the last few months(nearly 9 months) she is taking medicines for Diabetics, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol. On this period of time she complained that she is not getting enough sleep, sleeping for only 2 hours, and also she is afraid to be alone. She is telling she is feeling sick as if she is feeling dizzy when she is alone. She is also telling that she has lost her mental strength.
    Before two years her younger sister passed away unexpectedly due to some unidentified disease and it was a shock for her. At that time we went to see a physician and he prescribed some medicines for anxiety and she became well.
    But now, that is, before 9 months, when she came to know that she is a diabetic,BP,Cholestrol patient , she came back to the old situation, but this time she became mentally weak. She is not at all going to office(She will retire next month)
    She is not at all convincing to consult a phsycologist, so only i am mailing you expecting your advice on this matter.

    Looking forward for your reply



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