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    I am getting married this Feb, 2014. Engaged in August, 2013. Yesterday i accidently read his facebook messages. Really tense after reading the messages. Last year just before engagement he had gone to US for project purpose. Read the messages of his US trip.
    It was a conversation with his close friend back here in india. His friend suggested him to have sex with at least 2-3 english girls before he returns to india. And my fiancee’s reply was, m getting engaged, so should not do. Friend said, its ok to do as no one would know. And his reply was… No, getting a girl here just for a night is difficult. And that it is not like Singapore(his previous onsite a year back) where he could find girls easily for this purpose. And their conversation ended at a light note.

    I also read another conv with an English girl where he wrote her, I love you. She replied him positively. She said she missed him a lot and asked him to turn on the web cam if possible. He said, yes i am in bath tub now, naked. And he agreed to turn on the skype. And there were few more conv with this girl before that, like thanks for saving me, i am missing you and stuff.

    I read another conv with his another frend where he mentioned about me that he doesnt talk to me much on phone but would talk well when i’m in his city.

    I have shifted to his city in december, 2013. After our engagement we used to talk frequently on phone till i came here in his city.

    I read another december conv with his frend here where he shared profiles of few gals and suggested him to meet her, as she is hot.

    After i came here, we meet each other regularly and we have also been intimate. He looks decent but i never knew he talks these stuff with his friend.

    In those conversations he also discussed about me at very few places.but he was respectful for me in all those talks. And none of his frends suggest him for other girls after we got engaged. He is also normal in messages with his friends now. Shows no more inclination towards anyone.

    I am very disheartened after reading his messages. Really out of place. Feeling terrible and distressed.

    Is there a chance of his getting intimate with others even after marriage ?
    What should i do ? Should i talk to him regarding this? Please help. I am feeling terrible.

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