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    Hi, i am a 24 year girl who is in a long distance relationship. My fiancée had an affair before meeting me, but he didnt let me know. Now somehow i got the news that he had liked a girl before which am not able to digest and daily am hurting him by asking about it.when i ask him he says :i just liked her but she never accepted me”, i dont know how to forgive this. I seriously dont have a problem that he had liked a girl, but he hided these things from me, coz before starting our relation i had asked him about his past,likes everything he never raised this matter, but now suddenly this matter made me shocking and depressed. Please help me to overcome this .Feeling very depressed and unable to share this with anyone.



    Leave the past in the past if you want to be with someone in the future



    Hi shiksha, it will not going to affect ur relationship in future as he agreed the fact that he was liked her in the past. He may don’t wanted to tell u this because he may not wanted to hurt u or he may felt guilty by telling this to u. So don’t get any worry.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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