Feeling lonely..Friendship problem

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    Okay so I am 19 years old and I have this friend named Kim.We were stuck to each other like fevicol. We share almost everything but now I feel he is going away. He just broke off with his girlfriend and now he has a new friend Mia. I feel Mia likes him and so I told him. He agreed and I started getting insecure although we talk a lot but I feel he is getting closer to her day by day as he talks to me sometimes about her. They met today at his place with 2 other friends and he called to tell me this as he calls everyday to share everything. I got jealous and so I told him that you go to Mia only and he laughed it off and said no you are also a very good friend of mine. His two other friends will be going tomorrow at Kim’s place again for some drinks and his friends invited Mia too. He told me I didn’t want to meet her but my friends told her so she will be coming now. Kim knows I don’t drink much but when he met Mia last time he invited me also for a drink and when I didn’t show up he got angry.But now I feel weird that why didn’t he invite me?M I thinking too much?What should I do.Mia and kim once had a fight and kim stopped talking to her but Mia couriered his fav book along with a letter and they started talking again. What do I do? I feel lonely and insecure. M I overthinking?



    please don’t hold any grudges.
    The time you stop holding any grudges regardless of anything you have gone through you will feel better and life will get easy.
    It will be good for you only in a long run

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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