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    Kumar Anand

    I am a man of 40 years of age. My father is not a responsible person and I have memories he creating violence in the house beating my mother. There were issues always in the house and at last in the year 1993, when I was 17 years old, me, my mother, and my younger brother left for my maternal grandparents home at a village leaving my father aside. He tried to come and take us back, but we resisted as there were many chances given to him to lead a good life, but as we are threatened and frightened by his behavior, we did not opt any more to live them and hence continued to live at maternal grandparents home.

    Meanwhile, I grew up at maternal grandparents house and I finished my PG and went to City to do Job. My father filed a court case and my grandparents attended court hearings for many years together and got fed up and gave up and instead they thought to concentrate on my education and my brother’s education.

    As is the case, my father got ex-partee divorce decree in the y ear 2007. Meanwhile I moved to City to do a private job and was successful in getting a job with a monthly salary of Rs.20,000/- but as I did not manage finances well and I also took personal loans and credit cards.

    As I have done a computer course, I thought to change the field I am working in and got a very less salary in that field and unable to pay EMIs of personal loans and credit cards and hence financial troubles started. But any how I started to manage them with whatever salary I got.

    In the year 2007, I got married and then my problems/issues started with my wife and wife’s parents. They did not allow me to live as per my standards and wishes and there were many issues went on and elders on both sides settled them, but my wife’s behavior went on increasing. Keeping in view of the above family and financial issues, I thought to go abroad and went to Dubai in the year 2011, though I did job there, I could not earn more to send money to India and the project is over and I could not stay there anymore and I returned to India with all the financial issues as they were earlier.

    I am blessed with a daughter in the year 2008. Now, my wife started nagging for a second child and even wife’s parents were insisting more not minding my financial situation nor my way of life that I want to lead. Hence issues arose, and now when I was in the home town of mine, wife’s brother man-handled me for which I went to police station then and there at midnight and they settled it mutually and sent us from there. Since then being attacked by my wife’s side people, I told that I will never and never invite them to my house for any function or even casually as well and there will be no relationship with any people from their side. And started living together with my wife, but my wife shows arrogance towards me as her parents are supporting them.

    The main issue is my mind is very much occupied by their revenge on me and no relative or my mother’s brothers supported me in this cause. And there is no relation with my father as of now. My father did not give us a penny till date, however, I am leading my life for my 2 innocent daughters. Now the main issue I am facing is….due to my financial status, I have become neglected by my friends, my relatives. My brother is an employee and my mother is staying with him.

    As of now there is no help from my maternal grandparents as well and my mother’s brothers as well. Though I am earning to live a good life with my younger brother and my mother’s help, I am sometimes feeling LONELY, as there were no friends, no relatives to console/assist/help me, only GOD I feel is there to help me.

    Meanwhile, when my wife is behaving in arrogant or when she shouts at me, I started beating her up, but I wanted to control myself. How to face these many situations with utmost care so that I have peace of mind and to create good atmosphere for my children. How to get out of preoccupied thoughts of my wife’s parents who took revenge on me. How to get out of their thoughts and lead a harmonious life.



    Hello kumar from reading all your story i came to know that you very struggled for your life till now, don’t loose confidence on your self make a mind that you can overcome from all your problems. Don’t fear for the people they can’t do anything easily they will only wanted to scare you. Believe in God ,people may not help you but God fill always help the people who don’t made harm for others. Don’t feel lonely, find someone with whom you can tell all your problems then you will get some encourage from them , be faith in ur self all will become gud…

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