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    I am a 27 years old girl and belong to a middle class family inspired by Indian values and culture. I am currently working as a researcher and also pursuing a renowned profession. I have seen much failure in clearing a few exams but I never give up and reappear for the exams with sincere preparation. Presently, I am single and not dating anyone. My parents eagerly want me marry and keep looking for the right match. Though, I also want to marry but I don’t prefer to until I fall in love with someone. I sometimes get very upset, seeing my parents under such tension and also for the failure I see in my career. Pl help!

    I am a friendly person and quite popular among my friends and spend good quality time with them. Still I feel lonely since I’ve been single for a long time now. I have many male friends who really like me but I never feel for them more than friends.
    I know about ‘law of attraction’ (the Secret), and personally practice it and keep myself positive and happy. But, generally at night, the loneliness haunts me and I feel deprived of love. I was never a person who sheds tears easily but these days I feel very weak and cry often.



    Hi sister, why do u want to have a love before marriage? And you can also love a person that your family finds for u. When u still didn’t find that it is not impossible that u can’t find your love. If u don’t wanted to hart your parents then do what your parents say. If you felt anything wrong with the guy then you can tell your parents..



    Dear T,

    What a lovely question you have posted! I’m sure there are so many beautiful successful women out there who are thinking exactly what you are! I can’t really give you any “psychological” advice for this question but yes,from personal experience as well as observation for years, what I can say is you can’t make love happen. It will come to you when it’s meant to, in any form. You can do it justice by embracing it when it comes to you. In the meantime, to combat the loneliness you sometimes feel now, love yourself. Rediscover yourself in new ways, explore – there is so much in the world – and who knows, while you’re busy exploring, the love you’re looking for, will come your way! 🙂

    By the way, with your permission, I would like to choose your question for going on the Facebook page of It’s such a wonderful question, I’m curious to see what other people have to say about it 🙂 You can go and view your question and any responses to it by visiting the page at and clicking “Like” so that you get notified if a reply comes in!

    I wish you all the best in life!




    Dear T ,

    Now that you have thought about finding Love , Love will find you too 🙂 for that you have to give love a chance. I absolutely respect your thought on falling in love and meeting the “right one” , however , all this does not happen instantly , love grows and evolves with the person. Sometimes the person might be with you all along and you dont get to know. Look around , keep your heart and eyes open, maybe among your friend circle there can be someone you can click with , love is nothing but companionship and friendship. Meet the boys your parents are suggesting , you never know when , how and where you will find it.

    All the best.

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