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    hi i am kirti
    housewife and 11 years of marriage
    at time of my baby delivered he was very critical he is pre-mature baby
    i could not see my baby for 8 days b’coz he is in the another hospital
    that time my condition was not well emotionally. i was very sensitive.
    that time my husband’s sister told my husband that my parents should put namakaran vidhi in 15 days . but my husband suggested her this is not right time baby is very delicate doctors suggested that don” t touch baby without handwash.only mother can touch the baby
    but she angried .my husband had to go there and make her understand
    my problems is that , that time i felt very bad now a days she is not behaving well to me . and i want to make her understand that she behave very bad with me but she is elder than me how can i prove that

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