friend getting Blackmailed

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    Hi There,
    First of all thanks to hopenetwork for maintaining such wonderful platform on earth. Thanks a ton.

    My problem is very different. I came in contact with a girl 4 years back. She is my colleague and she is 3-4 years older than me. In last couple of year we came so close to each other. She said my nature is too good and she like my helping and jolly nature a lot. She has no good friend due to her childish nature and she discloses everybody’s discussion to others. We don’t love each other in the sense of marrying to each other but to be a great friends. yes we get to bed and did everything a couple do but we are not committed. She use to say that a girl or boy can have as many girlfriends/boyfriends as much they want. Yes she gets jealous when I talk to other girls sometimes but only when she need me to be with her not everytime and same was the case with me. She told me that she never had a boy in her life before(but I knew that that its not completely true). It was all running well than all of a sudden I asked about her past that she can tell me If she is hiding something. But what she told me was very shocking and I got very depressed listening to it. She told me not to discuss it with anybody but the same night at 4 AM I called my best friend to discuss that matter to find a solution and I was so depressed that my mom caught me and asked everything. She told me that a guy is blackmailing her since years and she is still under his will. And she remind me of times when she told me lies but was with him. She said that It was his friend before when she was in college and he was very powerful by circle and friends. She been friend with him only to get papers leaked or to get help when needed. Actually one of her friend asked her to meet that guy. This guy was bad and one day he entered her house when she was alone as she invited. They had first sex that day but she didn’t want it as she said she cried a lot. Later when they meet she refused for sex but they get nudes( She don’t tell me in detail why and all). The guy caught her in camera and started blackmailing her to do blowjob and all. She said that the boy is in love with her and don’t share the pics and still helps in trouble. She is dumping him as he abuses her a lot, he abuses her family and friend, he slaps the girl on road when she don’t reply phone. He keeps on calling her and if she don’t picks up he calls to their home landline. She always has to pick his phone finally. He keeps on standing in front of her house. She afraid of it and she has to agree for what he says. She is very coward in nature and she never told this problem to anybody. She warns him about police but still he don’t listen to her warnings as she has no guts as how to warn a boy. It’s just the idea as this problem is too big. I can’t sleep in nights as I can’t take any action regarding it as I afraid doing anything can spoil her family’s reputation and her life completely. She is great friend of mine and I am finding very helpless that what can be done from my side being her only friend and known to this problem. Please Please Suggest me something. She refuses to take any suggestions to disclose it to her family or big brother and she don’t need help from me in this case and she find it wrong that she shouldn’t have shared it with me as She put me into tensions. Other than that the guy tells her to love him till she get marry and later he will leave her. But her age is passing away and she didn’t get his soul-mate yet.

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