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    me and my boyfriend is having a long distance relationship for past one year aftr three years of staying close. in between i became a very good friend of one of his friends who s also new in this city. after a while my boyfriend had started problem regarding my goin out with his friend every weekend… and this was followed by by lying to him. i went out with him many a times lying my boyfriend. a few week before he came down to my city and found out some messages in his friends inbox from where he got a vague picture of what was goin on. i surrendered. i realised what i did. i was ashamed. But one thing..i never loved the other guy nor did i had any changes in my feelings towards my boyfriend. but still…lying to him and goin out with the other person day after day….no excuse against it!! am highly ashamed of my deed.. my boyfriend wants to stay with me and want to get back the trust he has lost for me. from then am trying very hard. hard meaning..very hard. i knew how his condition is and handled everything very delicately… as soon as he went back to his city he turned very insecure and impatient. initially things were very grave as every moment he was asking why i did this to him!! i had to heal him along with my own bruises. still i knew i had to be patient…. things were getting better… and so i thought my relationship is getting back strength. so i expected that even he will understand that in some situations where am in some kinda crisis i might not answer his questions of doubt politely. he said me straight that i dont have any ground other than answering him it is getting a little difficult for me.. the way he treats me when doubt intrigues him. i dont know how to bring him out of it. i am so desperate to make things normal. please suggest me what i should do!!

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