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    I started working 2 yrs back. That’s when i saw this girl, my team mate. Lets call her G. She was beautiful and i liked her. Slowly we became friends, good friends and close friends. Some shuffling among the teams happened and we both ended up being the only members in a team. So we became best frnds. We would spend lot of time in breaks(only we two) chatting.

    I proposed on one fine day and she declined initially saying family responisbiltes etc..etc.. after two months, she got transfered to another city(where her parents were ther). After that she started missing me and she herself accepted my proposal. Its been a year since she accpeted my proposal.

    I have a more liking for sex related things, so asked for her to be bit intimate when we meet(just kissing and touching here and there). She did enjoy it, but oly when we were intimate. later she felt verry guilty and moved on after 2 days. This went on for 3 to 4 times.

    Recently in a large part, in the eveinng when everyone was going out, we hugged and i tried to be a bit intimate. A security saw it and started threatining us telling police and booking case. We were very frightened and we bribed him. After that she cried like hell and she started hating her and everyone else. She gets irritated when seeing any pairs or even any hero heroine scenes in TV. she is trying to be normal but she is not able to. She is unable to concentrate on anything and she feels like everyone pointing at her and saying ‘she is a bad girl’

    I am not able to console her at all or ask her to move on.

    Please help me on clearing her guilty feeling so she can feel better and be normal.


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