Have lost focus and direction in life.

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    Hi , I am 29 years old, and have been single from a long time now.But I have been a hard working and competitive person, and was doing good in my job. I focused all my attention towards work and didn’t bother much about being single. But since last few months I have started to feel very lonely.Then I went abroad for work for 3 months, and spent good time with friends and travelling around. There I met and dated a guy for around 15 days before I came back to my country. We were like friends hanging out together and we knew there was no future, since we belonged to different countries and he is 5 years younger to me. After coming back to my country I continued talking to him over phone till around 15 days, but now that has gone down, now we hardly talk. I knew all this is going to happen since there is day night time difference in our countries .Even though I was well aware that there was nothing substantial between us , I spent a lot of time thinking about him.I kept looking at my phone to expect his message/ call and to check if he was online. Then i tried to not think about him and move on. But I am not sure where am I with that.

    At the same time at professional front I have lost all passion , focus and concentration for work. I have been known as a good employer at my work but now a days I try to escape work , lie to my manager, do work just for the sake of it.May be the work has got monotonous, but I don’t know what has happened to me, why I am not performing well. I am very disturbed of the fact that this way I will ruin my career. I have work piled on, but I keep sitting in front of my laptop and thinking something else (god knows what), or keep watching some sitcoms and waste all my time. I sometimes feel running away from work, phone , people and be alone at some quiet place and do nothing.
    I am not able to figure out whats going on with me at personal and professional front…I feel lost and helpless all the time, please help me

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