have lost myself….i wasn't like this

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    i am a girl, 20 years old,doing b.tech from a prestigious institution.
    recently..actually i don’t know since when but i have started to believe that i am am pretty useless, i cant do anything, no one loves me and moreover i am the worst,no one should love me.
    that actually started when i failed to get into an IIT and now i am in my 3rd year of B.tech, i still haven’t forgave myself for that. My grades are regularly falling, i don’t know whats wrong with my brains. I used to be a brilliant child in my school times. I don’t have any friends because i don’t know what to say to them and i think i am quite boring person , no one would really be willing to be friend but i am sometimes desperately willing to be friends with people. i don’t tell my problems to anyone around me, not even my parents as i think that they cant do anything and i believe that i m pretty useless girl and i can have nothing good. Whatever my wishes and desires are , they are never gonna be fulfilled. i am hateful creature.



    Hi Sakshi don’t think that u are useless, having no frd is not a big matter u can make it anytime. From grades only people can’t be measured. only studing in IIT does not give u any prestige or name, u will get it by ur character only. Don’t think too much negative things. U can change ur life That u r only need to have confidence on urself. If u have any question u can ask Me or contact my id ×××××××××××PLEASE DO NOT SOLICIT EMAIL ID OR PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION. ××××××××××
    thank u

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    Ruchi Trivedi

    Dear Sakshi,

    Sometimes lot of instances, conversations, comments and experiences leave an small small impression on our mind. You mentioned one such instance where you didn’t perform as per your expectation, and that seems to have disappointed you to the extent that you have started labeling your self as worst and not worthy..ending up passing judgments about your own self every now and then. This actually leads to more and more thinking. From what you have shared, I don’t find anything wrong with your brain, its just that you stay preoccupied with the negative labels you have given yourself, indirectly pulling yourself down frequently, losing confidence and trust in your own abilities. Sakshi, you need to find your brilliant self back. You are not a creature but a wonderful human being who has had one failure (as per your belief). But believe me if we carefully pay attention to what we have gained rather than weighing the loss, every failure has contributed in making us a better person and teaching us some lesson. I can understand that it is difficult to stop thinking in the negative direction, but don’t give up..there is a solution to every problem, look within and list down things that can help you from modifying and managing these thoughts. Before I sign out, I would want you to ask your self- Are you some god, saint or fortune teller who knows exactly what is going to happen? And do you think it is worth to let this one instance in your life, take away all your other credits, qualities and strength?

    Take Care

    Ruchi Trivedi



    Dear Sakshi,

    There are so many self made men and women around.
    Few come to limelight, few do not.
    Does it matter!
    What matters is firm self believe, positive thinking, keeping oneself in good health and mind… and if possible contribute is some way to your family, your friends, or your society.

    Great one step, that you posted this on hopenetwork. We are social animal, social beings, so we need interaction.

    Few things i would mention
    a. do not keep your self in closed door, roam outside, talk to the cleaning maid who comes daily to clean and sweep, talk to the rikshawallah bhaiya OR milk man OR some elderly aunt/uncle outside … OR just be around in a park where kids are playing … so much energy is around

    b. we from childhood have belief in GOD, believe in divine power … daily pray to god , look at that rising SUN, those shining stars, those blossoming flowers, those green trees, those sweet small chirping birds, those pets around … you know, we can serve all of these! We are the wonderful beings belonging to human race… lets serve our motherland! and its beings

    c. if you like reading, i am sure you would be… and if long novels are not of your taste, read some good short stories…
    finishing something, i.e. taking something to end, gives a feeling of completion AND elation, that yes we did something in full.

    i once read 1 full book (what is it was mills and boon) in one sitting in 5 hrs straight
    i finished 5 kms on treadmill
    i crammed my favorite new song


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