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    hey m nikky, a 24yr old girl, ryt nw i am gng through the following probs and i need ur help and suggestions on how to balance things up..

    my parents are in a intercaste marriage which is not exactly a love marriage neither its arranged its a marriage which nvr made any sense to me ..they did sought of had a crush on each other (may be) but some kiddish rumor made get married … my dad eloped and my mother’s few relatives were present in the ceremony (not her parents)

    consequences : my dad’s name was removed from the properties but wasnt completely thrown out of the family ..my mom had to live 5 yrs alone away from my dad cz his dadi was ill..n after five yrs i guess they have been fighting mostly .. i hv seen they love each other from their heart but ego has grown so much that they purposely say hurtful things to each other ..
    their marriage is a mess.. but they still are holding on to it

    part 2: my elder sister is a terrible person .. selfish , mean, sick minded ..shez a pretty face wid an evil mind..spoilt brat of my dad.. she also married .. in her so called love marriage .. her story is tht she was 21 whn she gt married..

    reason: she was dating a lot of guys at the same tym .. things were getting beyond her control.. one of the guys was of our caste and his family was also known so to get out of the mess she was going to be in she got married to him..

    my parents were against it as they too knew the family and they had no good views abt them but she forcefully made them agree ..

    consequences : her marriage is a failure too.. my parents were ryt abt tht family.. moreover my sister kept dating other guys..got caught several tyms ..but the marriage is still on cz my dad loves her too much .. he has covered hr flaws wid his money..

    these two bad marriages have been effecting my life every day since the time i remember things…i love my family n i m really very emotional fr them i keep trying to improve things but nothing really works.. i have tried talking a lot of tyms ..
    my mom n dad are good persons individually but as a couple they suck.. they understand things and try but fail to keep up the efforts for long.. i told them to go to a counselor also .. they denied

    the environment of my house is almost always tensed some or the other problems keep popping up ..

    wat should i do to bring things to a better condition ..

    apart from this i m facing other problems also abt which i ll write to you a little later..

    reply soon

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