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    I m married 2 months back. I had a one and a half year realtionship with someone but eventually i started disliking him. we were not compatible I realised later since I didn’t took time to know him. Our nature was opposite. I tried to convince him that I dnt want this realtionship anymore but he didnt wanted to break up. when i insisted further , he blackmailed me that he will leak our personal moments in my family.He asked his family and convinced my family fo rthe marriage and told all our personal secrets to my family due to which my parents convinced me to marry him forcefully. I was emotion black mailed by parents. Meanwhile I had started liking one of my collegue at work place. I had fallen for me since our nature was alike. but due to the situation I had to marry my previous boyfriend. I am not happt since my marriage. I love my collegue. I am not happy with this marriage. I miss my collegue very much. what should I do?



    go and do what you feel better and happier for yourself.
    Take care

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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