Help in diagnosing Bipolar illness

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    This regarding my uncle, who i really think is Bipolar and is seriously affecting his 16 year old son’s mental conditions. i need your help in understanding if he really is bipolar or not. His ex wife was diagnosed a schizophrenic 4-5 years back and she committed suicide a couple of years back. he has a son, Kuvam who was kept in one room for 4 years of his life along with his mother and wasn’t allowed to go to school. after his mother passed away, his father (my uncle) got his custody. Kuvam is a quiet kid and recently he has been opening up a lot with me. he has told me a few things about his father which have got me very worried. the following are some symptoms which make me strongly feel that he is bipolar, please go through them and help me:
    Extreme mood swings. extremely loving, caring and cheerful at times and extremely harsh, rude, angry at some.
    – He tells his son he loves him sometimes and sometimes swears at him and threatens him.
    – He used to beat his wife for no reason
    – When he is angry, he throws and breaks expensive things, such as laptops and crockery.
    – After a few weeks he himself gets the things fixed that he breaks
    – He is Gaining weight at a rapid speed
    – He has had extremely high blood pressure since childhood
    – While he is angry, he has no control on his words and says the worst things possible
    – He is the most gentle man you would meet, he is in air force. but his behavior at home is completely different
    – States that he has been through a lot in life and is suffering through a lot of diseases. Claims that he is very unhappy in life.
    – Also is a very convincing man
    – Tries to prove himself right all the time, if anyone disagrees, he goes into one of the negative moods and gets hyper and violent
    – If he wishes for something, he becomes extremely stubborn about it and doesn’t let anyone or anything distract him unless he gets it

    If these are not enough for you to make a judgement, as I am sure they aren’t, please tell me what could help at all except for talking to him. I’d be grateful to get even the slightest help possible because it’s a kid’s life at stake.
    Also I would like to know anything about the bipolar disease. any kind of help, all sorts of suggestions will be valued.
    Thank You

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