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    Myself Gowtham,

    There is a bit of a complex problem in my life. roots of this problem started when I was 2 year’s old.In our culture it is acceptable to marry mother’s brother’s children of opposite, My mother promised her dying brother that I will marry his daughter.
    But I kinda didn’t know about it until recently. so, from childhood i treated her like sister.

    I myself am a pretty successful guy right from childhood. Studied in top colleges of our country and landed a handsome pay etc etc. and hoping for big dreams.

    Now that I reached marriage age. my mother is emotionally forcing me to marry her.
    Now if things are that simple i would have married her right away cause she’s extremely beautiful, kind person, talented in different items. Moreover it would take me more than a decade to make a girl like that fall in love with me.

    Twist in the plot is from my father and his relatives. My father’s relatives are well educated and kinda popular people. They actually think that if i get married to some other girl who’s family are strong financially and have contacts with well known people from my industry. Given my success in past they actually think, that will be very good for me. And it actually make sense to me too.. This commercial thinking is also there with my mother’s brother family too, If I were not this successful, like i didn’t have any job and roaming, they wouldn’t have let me marry her even if I wanted too..

    I really want you to advice me in this matter. You may try to escape saying that marry a girl that you love etc etc.. Sorry I never actually loved any girl till now. Maybe I was busy with my studies or just being Geek. situation is really getting worse in my home both my parents are constantly fighting over this matter..

    if I have to choose one of above. provide appropriate reasons for why i am rejecting another so that i can explain them without me becoming the villain.

    Thanks in advance



    Hi gautam, it is not matter what others said , it is matters what you want. As my opinion you don’t need a decade to find that type of girl when she is already near fo u. Don’t go with your father’s family matter that if u marry rich girl then everything u need will not happens or comes to u. Why should you has to depend ur life for others? So be practical , u will not get that type of girl who can make ur life beautiful so my advise is marry ur mother’s brother’s daughter…
    do u have any questions?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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