Help me save my marriage

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    I have been married now for 2yrs.1yr back, my husband family spoke very rudely and indecently with my mom and brother. I and my husband answered my husbands family back. But later my husband started to put all blame on me telling that his family was never wrong and all was mine and my families fault. I tried explaining but then when realized that all was just creating fight between us so accepted all as our mistake and took all blame to avoid any further fights. But then my husband started to gradually reduce his communication with me. His family inspite of we staying in joint family never shared anything with me in past 1yr. But as my whole motive was to make all fine between me and my husband, I took all blames, all the torture his family gave me. They also communicated that my family should never come there, so no one has come in past 1yr from my family to that house. Now they gave some false reason and asked me to come to my maternal house. I did without questioning trusting them. Later in 2days they have sent me divorce notice mentioning the reason as communication breakdown since past 1yr. They are also not allowng me back home nor ready to discuss anything with anyone of us. I am totally feeling helpless and dont know what to do. I want to save my marriage as it means a lot to me. But I dont know how as my husband is also not ready to speak, listen or even see us. My husbands family is very egotistic people and will do anything to achieve what they want. But now they are playing with my life. I feel to end up myself as I feel totally helpless. Kindly help.



    Hi Dear….. its really a traumatic condition as your hubby is himself involved with dis .try to get help of you community ppls or neighbours and other local ngo. cause your inlawas are very sharp ppl n your fmly is very simple. your need to take help of police as well is needed.

    Stay blessed and try to face every situation.

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