Help me to get rid of the negativity inside me

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    Hello Prachi,

    Few weeks back my mail stole my gold chain. I used to wear that chain in a regular basis, but for few days I kept it in a drawer in order to wear some other chain. In the mean time the maid came and stole it. I discovered it few days after it got stole. That chain was gifted by my mom at the time of my marriage and was very dear to me, apart from its monetary value I had a lot of emotional attachment with that gold chain. When I realized that my chain is missing I completely understood who took it. The next day as the maid came, me and my husband started questioning her, she broke and admitted that she stole it 2 days back and sold it in half price,as I checked she stole many other things from the house along with the chain. I pleaded her to take me to the place where she sold it but she did not do that. She admitted her crime in front of my neighbor, security guard and apartment manager.On the fit of rage I took her to the police station,but after going there I realized the Police officer are also with her and they did not took my case seriously, and supported the thief. Afterwards the maid went to the police station and put a false charge of mal-treatment and sexual harassment against my husband and me. I was shocked. We had already registered an FIR for the missing chain blaming her so with that evidence the police officer closed the complaint made by the maid against us.
    Now my problem is I cannot come out from this bitter feelings. every time I see my empty neck I curse my maid, every time I see someone who looks like my maid, I start cursing her. There is so much poison inside me against her. I cannot forgive her and I am not able to forget her. I am not able to deal with this poison and hatred against her any more and want to come out of this negative feelings.
    I need help, please suggest me, how can I come out of all this. I cannot deal with this negative feeling any more, it is ruining my inner self, I am not even able to stop hating and cursing her.

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