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    I am from hyderabad.I need help of overcoming my fears about life.I finished my post graduation,searching for job n i am highly ambitious.but fear of failure is making my life worse than what it is.i am unable to overcome shyness about interviews,performing at job itself and expressing myself before others.I am doubting myself for which job i am capable of.
    Another fear is about having sex.I will have to marry(arranged marriage) in a year,I thought if love comes in my way,i won’t need to fear all these.but as love did not happen,i am not knowing how to proceed with all these without knowing each other,friendship and love.i am unable to handle this social pressure without interest.i have no choice but accept it at these i want to find solution for it.
    I would like to have help for these through online like this because i can’t afford much.if it is possible ..i really want to get solutions through email only.I will pay fees through online.please help me with overcoming my depression,negative thinking and attaining emotional stability.I want to follow exact methods if any are there to achieve solutions to these problems
    please reply

    thank you

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