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    im married sice 4 yrs n now my husband has heart broken me n is totally on my inlaws side,he has asked me to come back to his home only if i follow as his parents say, also he has called my son to him.

    he is not willing to respect me .i left his home 3 months back.
    now he is abusinng my parents n has asked me to stay awy from them,please help, should i go back.
    he has made a contract n is willing to talk only if i say yes to all his demands.


    asha balachander

    I’m Sorry to know that you are in this position.
    In my opinion, its unreasonable to expect you to just follow all his demands without considering your wishes.. isn’t marriage supposed to be about mutual understanding and respect? Stand your ground if you feel insulted. Tell him that you have every bit of rights to with your son if not more.
    So tell your husband that you are willing to take professional guidance to work this thing through..

    Hoping I was of some help!
    Good luck..

    Take care..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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