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    I am in a relationship with my best friend. We’ve been a really understanding couple until recently. She went away from our city for pursuing higher studies. As her study involves her having to read a lot and prepare many reports she has less time to spend for me and me being used to talking to her for many hours find it difficult to go about my daily activities. As I too am a student it’s been affecting my studies as I have lost interest in everything. As in the past I have gone through many relationships which ended very badly I’ve found it difficult to trust people since then as I’ve had many bitter experiences. I’m afraid of losing my best friend and and my future. I can’t even think of breaking up. I’ve no one to confide in and is very depressed. So I bomb her with messages and calls and she’s avoiding me . I’m very possessive of her and the thought of losing her is really disturbing b and depressing me and a project I’m supposed to do is really suffering due to this. Lately she’s been telling me that I had to give her space and she needs to figure out things on her own. I’m afraid I can’t come to terms with a life without her. What should I do? please help me. We’ve been so close for a long time and we’ve been involved too much in each other’s lives. I’m going through a really important time of my life and it’s really damaging my studies. Please help me.



    hey krish, it is common with everyone that being far from their loved one is difficult but in certain times we has to make a strong mind of being single and waiting for the perfect time. You has to understand her work also. still both of u are not in the time of making your own life’s. so be calm and focus on ur studies and when it will finish you will understand urself what u has to do in future.

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    I had a relationship with a girl science 3 years. Then we broke up because we thought we did not love each other. After that I have made a relationship with another girl. After few months I really feel that J am not happy with the girl. Because she is very arrogant and possible. I have told her that I do not love her anymore. But she is blackmailing me, if I leave her, she’ll commit suicide. I don’t know what should I do. Because I can’t be with her. And I can’t leave her only for her blackmailing.



    Hi subh, first of all its ur fault for loving that girl. You should know clearly about a person before committing any relationship with them. So now i cannot tell whether she is telling to commit suicide is truthful or only for da purpose of blackmailing . So don’t tell her that u don’t love her or u wants to break up with her instead of that make her to tell u like this…

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    I am in relationship with my friend from June 2014. She told this matter in her home, they ask her to break it but she talked and met me without telling to her parents. Now, I came to USA for higher studies. Her parents scolded her when she told about me. Now, she is not talking with me and not even picking up my call. Please help me. I am very much depressed and unable to concentrate on studies. I cannot go back to India by leaving studies, which will effect my life and other side, I cannot leave her. I have not tell about my relationship to my parents. I am helpless in lonely place. I don’t have anyone to help me out here. I am requesting her to talk for sometime to solve problems, but she is disconnecting. How can I come out from depression? Please help me

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    without my parents consent entered a love marriage . now i come to know my husband already hasa wife and 2 kids at his ansestral home

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