Highly depressed on my love

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    Neha prasanna

    Hi prachi,
    Pls don post it public manner. Acutually am middle class family girl. Nowcam doing my 2nd yr mba. 2yrs back i got a frnd by my facebook . Initially we talked like normal frñds. But later we started to talk about age attractions . It was happed when i was 20 and my lover age was 24. At finally, we had plan to meet private place. We behaved like lovers. But later i realised i was in love with him.. but when i talked like lovers. He frankly said that he cant marry me at any kind of situation. But i agree with him. And i started to love him. But he just used me. After few months i got pregnancy. He blankly helped to me to abort my baby. I was highly depressed by his behavior. On that time i had a very complicated situation in my life. Bcoz, i had my semestercexams and i am not aware of abortion and he just gave me aborting tablet and simly left me alone. I managed myself , my family and my exams. Later one month, he started to black mail for use me. I was afraid if he told any thing to my family means.. wat will happen. So, i agreed with him. It was continued till two weeks before. But now he just left me. Today we done a big fight. Finally , he told me to move away from his life. Now i don know how to behave. And i am under his deep love those days. Am in cant live without him situation. But he simply put my no in auto reject list. Pls help to me to handle this problem. I don know whethervto continue r finish my life. Am in highly depressed situation.

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