how 2 win back love

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    i m a married woman wid 2 husband loved me a lot but as he was busy with his job n other commitments, i felt ignored n the meantime i contacted my old friend on FB n slowly became close 2 him.i was in touch with him for 2 yrs.then my husband came 2 know.he feels hurt n cheated by me.i fully understand what he is going through.i m ready 2 make any sacrifice to get his love back.i m doing everything as per his wishes but he is very angry with me since last 6 months.i dont know what 2 do ? at times i even thought of ending my life as i cant bear his cold behaviour anymore.i m really feeling helpless n repent everyday .i know i should not have got carried away with that person.but as i cant undo what i have done,i feel i m guilty n i dont deserve to live….there is only one thing i want my n thats my husband’s love ….what should i do ???

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