How can i stand up for myself?

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    Marwa Abid

    Hi everyone, I was raped as a little child multiple times by a friend of my mother. He used to put me down and degrade me in front of my siblings. He caused me great pain and suffering. In fourth grade, I told my mum about it but she didn’t do anything to stop the perpetrator. I have never had a single meaningful friendship and have never shared this secret with anyone except the one time I yelled at my parents and talked about it. Now I have trust issues and zero friends. I dont know how to make small talk. I dont think friendships are beneficial in any way. I cant see the meaning in life. Every time a senior or authority figure starts to talk to me, or even calls me in their office, I feel scared and start shivering even before they begin speaking. I dont stand up for myself. If I have to, I start crying a lot. I run from situations or bend myself backwards to do as people tell me to do. I know I have serious issues and I dream of suicide a lot. Please help me folks.


    Hi, As you haven’t mentioned your current age I’ll assume you’re an adolescent or adult now who can understand the difference between the time and things that you’ve experienced in past and in present. As earlier It should not be happened in your life or anyone’s life, that’s the age where children’s will going to believe in others.
    So when you passed from that hard and tough situations which made you to feel like this and also making you to have trust issues with others. But whatever happened in the past should not ruin your whole life. There are different kind of people around you both good and bad. Now it’s time for you to differentiate between those and to chose trust worthy people.
    I can understand it would be little bit difficult for you to talk to the people at first but I can assure you it will not last for a long time if you start to try. For to make conversations, start with simple talks, use social medias and see how people interact with each others. The best way is talk with the people near you and share your thoughts, feelings, ideas and problems which makes you feel better than before. All the best,Thank you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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