how to know what is his feelings for me

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    recently when i broke up with my bf..i was literally dead..he cheated d mean time i got in contact with a boy name Karan..he was so caring and loving..his love made me alive again..but after a few months of taking..he got busy in his own he rarely gives me time..its hard for me to believe that the person who loved me so much was just nagging away..i know that he is really busy in him own life but it doesn’t mean that he won’t reply to my calls and my messages..i don’t know what kind of relationship he wants to have with side he was so caring can’t see any boy close to me..that glossy eyes which always showed that how much he loves me,on the other side when I asked him that do u love me he didn’t said anything..even when i proposed him ..he didn’t showed any interest…and don’t know what to do now

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