How to see a Psychiatrist

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    My 30 years old nephew does not continue in a job for more then 6 months. Although he is an intelligent young man.He doesn’t behave his age. He spends lavishly much more than what he earns. He seems indifferent towards life .He doesn’t even help his widowed mother in any way. It seems he is living in an imaginary world where he takes himself as a rich kid. He spends hours playing computer games. Kindly advice how can we take him to a psychologist as we feel he needs help.



    Can you tell me which city you’re from? Maybe I can recommend a good psychiatrist there




    dear sir,

    problem: unable to concentrate on studies, on perticular things like reading news papers etc, diverted my mind after 30-40 sec

    reason : watching excessive movies upto late night, im totally addicted to watched movies, youtube viedos, porn movies

    side effects: -ve thinking, unable to control my mind, unable to concentrate on studies

    i need help????

    please get me out of here…????

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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