How to win the trust and love of my sister

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    I am writing this about the behaviour of my younger sister. We are a family of 5. parents, me (eldest daughter), my sister and youngest brother. My sister is 27 years old, unmarried and working. She is in love with a guy and they both are committed for marriage, but problems arose when the guy’s parents denied straightforwardly (usual reason ‘out of caste’ ). That guy is independent, well settled and a good-natured guy. In short, I can say with whom every parent wants their daughter to be married. He was trying to convince his family since 2 years. And now, his father came to our house and politely said NO. But the guy is ready to get married with my sister, breaking contacts with his family.
    My family members are supportive and open minded, we have no problem in ‘out of caste’ marriages, but we are worried about the future of our sister, if she will marry that guy, then for the whole life, she will not have the husband’s family. And may be at some point after marriage, she will be blamed for torn relationship between his husband and his family. And another point, about her security, because the guy’s family is orthodox brahmins and kind of ‘Kattar’.
    But now, since few days, she is showing some bad behaviour. She started to hate everyone in my family, whether it is papa, mumma, me or my brother. She is really very angry with all of us, says that we are useless, we did nothing for her. We are not able to convince anyone, not able to take any decision. She says that we have spoiled her life. I mean, she has stopped talking with us.
    She was very close to me, her didi..but now she thinks that I am her enemy. Today while chatting, she told me that she will not go back to home after december.Never. I have tried to make her understand, but she is not listening. Before all this episode, she has used to share everything with me, I was her best friend. But now, nothing. I am really upset now, what to do, In fact my whole family is upset. How to win her trust.
    Mine is inter-caste marriage, and my in-laws have accepted me, they are really supportive. May be this thing has pinched her. And another thing which is bothering her is she is 27 and not married yet. These days, she is showing extreme anger. (although silent) but not trusting anyone in the family. Please help me how should I win the trust of my sister, she is the most important person in my life. I love her very much.

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