Husband does not love and understand me

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    i am 33 years old girl who is married from last 3 years with no kids though trying.. i have always been very mast,carefree, friendly, living to the fullest, independent and fun loving girl. but my husband is totally opposite of me he does not have any friends and previously does spoke a word now he speaks little bit.. somehow in last 3 years our relationship has been in downfall.. as ours was arrange marriage so first year was best full of outings travelling and perfect harmony..but then second year onwards when we shifted out from inlaws and started living independently things started getting worse first suddenly he realized that we don’t have money so we started cutting down on spending and then now he just doesnt like anything of mine, he doesn’t trust me, he doesn’t understand me he think i want to dominate him, he doubts my each action and word..he does not want me to go and work, he just doesnt listen to me and no love(nor physically nor emotionally) he gives to me..his parents love me and i have spoken to them they say things will get better but instead things are getting worse and i am spending days crying…I want to improve our relationship and i try but always fail..Please advise what to do??:huh:

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