Husband in an australian citizen, i am staying in India….marriage on verge

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    neha sharma

    my husband is an australian permanent residency, i am staying in india. i got married on 3rd nov 2014. in just 25 days of my marriage he beat me 3 times on small issues like i argued with him on some matters and he blasted on me and beated me, once i called his father khadus and he beated me.

    couple of days back he said he received a mail from someone with 3 pictures and a video of mine that has some obscene material(sexual) he alleged me that i was not virgin before marriage.

    later on he said that he used it to know my past. also while talking to him he once denied that he has not beaten me ever.

    a week ago, i told this to my inlaws, they initially supported me and my husband apologised but today again he is alleging me and saying that i lie all the time. when i called my inlaws they said they have nothing to do in all this and me and my husband should resolve this matter on our own.

    please advice



    Hi it is good for u to discuss this matter infront of both family and ur husband, so he may change himself and can take a good decision. When u haven’t done anything then don’t scare for anyone just have confidence on urself and be bold. All d best



    If he has physically abused u, no point waiting and hoping that things would change. I think the first thing that u shud do is inform the police. Lodge an FIR..Followeď by filing for a divorce.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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