Husband is Dominating and Egoistic

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    I am a simple, educated, middle class indian girl. I used to work before marriage but now at home. My marriage is 2 years old and I have 10 months old baby. We live in joint family. We have Father and Mother in Law, Sister in Law (Separated) with her two daughters (My nieces) in family. Everybody is nice to me and I have no problem with them. My husband runs his business from ground floor of home and we don’t have any financial problem. I have 2 Brother in Laws (Elder and Married) also who live in different cities. My husband is very caring, loyal and honest to me and his family.
    But he is very dominating and egoistic also. He always tries to control me as well as his family. But as a wife I am suffering most. He shouts on me a lot for small things. I cant do anything or go anywhere without his permission. Even he does not allow me to go alone anywhere, always comes with me. Controls my every action and word. He can insult me anywhere but I am not allowed to speak a word to him. If I say something even lightly he minds it very much and does not talk to me for days then I have to say sorry and convince him.
    I am tolerating all this from start but now its over the limit. Please help me that how can I handle all this and what is the solution.



    Hi dear,

    Its very common that males don’t realise that female too has self respect. You need to talk to him once in xalm and happy mood that he wants respect from you then he too has to respect you coz husband and wife are wheels of a vehicle which are in every way equal if not then its not possible to drive that vehicle.

    Secondly its good that he always wants to be with you. You should openly appreciate this to him. You know he loves you and is loyal to you its just a behavioural problem that can be discussed and sorted may be his work culture has made him like this try to understand the reason.

    Then with a cool and calm mind share what you feel and what is in your husbands mind. I hope your problem will be sorted.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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