Husbands extramarital affair. Need help!,

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    Hi. We had a love marriage. We know each other frm 14 yrs n hav been married for 10 yrs. Everything was smooth ride . We our a happy couple n hav a son of 5 yrs. Until 3 mnths back my husband went phillipines for office work. He is 36 yrs old n there he met 21years filipno girl with whom he has fallen in for. He says he doesnt want to leave us but he is in an emotional affairso cant stop tht either. They constantly chat for about 18 hrs a day on whatsapp. Evn when he is on bike he chats . He says let the affair take it time and let love die natural death. Bt I feel cheated, ignored. I cant share my husband n lover to someone else. How do I make him understand. Its been 3 months. Please help!

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