I am confused and upset for my ex boyfriend

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    Mrs. Aih

    I am happily married and pregnant as well and very happy for my bany. but few days back a heard about my ex boyfriend got married to an enemy of my. Now i am confused that how could he do that? How could he marry to a girl whome we both dislike so much? I am very upset for this news and memories from past are disturbing me. Please help me how to avoid such thoughts and what to do now?



    Hi when u r happy with ur married life then don’t think about Ex… When he doesn’t care u then why do u have care him? Just think about ur husband and baby don’t disturb urself. Just focus on what u have to do. Past is passed it is waste of time by remembering that k?


    rahul kumar

    Hey..You said you are happily married… and even you did not married your Ex due to whatever reason… Even though memories cant be washed away… but remember you have husband in life…and Ex or Y should not matter to you…
    One day your Ex was to get married so he did… I m sure u might have been sad even if u had heard the news of your Ex being married to any other girl….
    Live happily… u will accept this news in some weeks and it wont even matter to you after that… time fills all wounds/discomfort..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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