i am depressed and confused too

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    hii… i just want to say that ia feeling really very very lonely at this time:( i just want to be away from everyone from my parents my siblings and also my so called friends.i get very angry on very pity and small things and i think this is the only main reason of my condition right now.i keep fighting with my parents and… i just hate my elder sister.she teases me a lot and always interferes in my life. i just wanted to be away from her.and most of the time it is because of her that i fight with my parents.sometimes i get so depressed that i decide to run away from my home.but i dont have enough courage to do so.lastly i think or i should say i know i dont have a true friend. i want to have many good friends. but no one likes to be with me.thats why im left alone in class and coaching.they always leave me for their other friends. they only talk to me when they need my help or need a favour from me.i dont like this at akk.even the people who become my new friends ,leave me and go to their other friends.it hurts me a lot.i don’t know what should i do to improve my condition. please help me. i need your help!! please reply soon



    can i ask u how old u are?
    it seems as though u r in school so running away isnt an option right now.
    its a difficult time, being in school. its also a time when u get to build ur own character. its that time in ur life when u get to define so many things. im sorry u dont have many good friends. how are ur interactions with them? are u happy? are u joyful? this is important because happiness is a magnet. so if u are going to appear lonely in front of them, they will not want to be around u. if u will b happy, it will attract more people.

    im sorry about ur situation at home. when i went through that phase, i started reading. it took me into another world where i had peace and i was happy. i was the great and powerful hero of all those books and it made me happy. i wasnt so lonely either. books were my refuge. u need to dive deep into a hobby of ur own.

    i wish u good luck



    firstly,thank you so much that you replied to my post.im 16 years old. my interactions are usually good with my classmates. i talk to everyone in my class and infact they enjoy my company as well.but at the time of choosing good friends,they never choose me as one of them. i dont know my why but they prefer others over me. one of the reasons i think is my anger.i cannot control it anyway. when i realize my mistake i do accept it and also apologize for it.but then too i think that there is no one as my true friend.should i wait or do something for it?? and yess even i just love reading and i liked your suggestion too but what i really felt today that no one loves even cares about me at home,so strted feeling more and more lonely.. plzz suggest some more ways so that i can overcome my situation as soon as possible.thank you

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