I am in deep mess!

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    There is this boy in my college. We became friends first and then best friends and turned out that I was totally attached to him. I can’t stand a girl talking to him because he is super introvert and talks to me only. I was confused between this guy and another one. I was attracted to the other guy first and then this guy came in my life and changed everything. The guy whom I was attracted to was a jerk so I started spending time with this guy who became my best friend. As the time passed, we liked spending time with each other and we started liking each other too. It happened fast. Maybe in the span of 5 months. And one day he confessed that he loves me. And love is something that I want to be totally assure of because I never had a boyfriend. But I don’t know if I love him or not because I can’t feel it from inside. Apparently I sometimes feel that I love him and sometimes I don’t. I care about him more than me that’s why I am very much scared to hurt his feelings. I don’t want to break his trust. We text every single day and he is already dreaming of marrying me which makes it worse. I don’t want want commitment right now and he doesn’t want a relationship either but relationship doesn’t matter to him unless we are gonna end up together. Sometimes I just want to be alone and spend my own quality time but I always have to text him to make sure he is okay because he gets sad and all if I didn’t text him. I am legit confused if I love him or not. If I do love him then why can’t I be sure about it. And if I don’t then I am scared how I am gonna tell him.


    Hi Nikita, There are many difference between like and love. So don’t get confused by the words before knowing their exact meaning. Love is not a bad thing at this age but certainly not mandatory. There are lot of things will be there in future infront of both of you other than love. So it is not a proper time for that.
    After reading this I can say that you both would be best friends for now and may be for future also but you’re not having that kind of feeling like what he has. As a friend you are doing a good thing at the same time you need to make him realise the the thing that you have in your mind. There will be lot of time in future where both of you can make further decisions regarding your future’s. As he is not so talktive with anyone, he is more attached with you. Which is not really good for both of you for that you should talk with him clearly that it’s not a time for love but it’s a time for deciding your career. Let’s try this once and all the best for your future.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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