I am in so deep mess. I can't stop crying.

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    Ansh Maurya

    I don’t know what’s going on in her mind but she don’t want a relation anymore. Just because I’m insecure. Actually, I’m over insecure. Because once she left me because of that guy and even said I love you to him in front of me! I didn’t complain. She came back to me after realising what mistake was she doing and I accepted her without any complain. She understood her mistake and we were living happily but one day he came back and everything is ruining again! She’s giving priority to him and she says that you’re too insecure of him that I have to explain you 100 of times. And you don’t understand me. When things are normal, her words are you’re the only one who understands and supports me. But why now? I’m literally crying writing this. And if I come back to explaining everything we have a fight cause’ she is great at defending her points and I’m nothing. I want her back I don’t know how will I. Its a long distance relationship and everything is ruining for me! I contacted her bestie and she said just be normal to her and she will be normal too. But I’m trying and trying but some circumstances make me cry everyday! She posted a story of a love song just after that guy posted the same story. And I’m hurt! I can’t literally do anything. Last time when she went to him I contacted my best friend and told her everything, cried and she consoled me. When we got together again she was disappointed that how can you stick to her even after she gave you so hard betrayal. I said trust me it’s not gonna happen again. And see its happening again and I can’t now even talk to her. No one is here. That’s why I’m writing here. Can you help me? Please?

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