I am upset with my parents…

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    :( [undefined=undefined]My parents are would never understand me…they keep hiding things from me…think that I am crazy and am driving them crazy too… and I even heard my father yell at my mother saying ” you too will become crazy by being in company of this crazy girl….(that’s me)”… if parents start wishing such horrid things for their children, what would the children do?? where would they go with their issues??? I think my parents hate me like anything… all they want is to get rid of me asap…. even I don’t want to bother them any more becoz I am sick and tired of their nasty comments and remarks…. especially my father… I don’t think he is my father at all… I don’t think they are my parents at all…. they are not the ones who brought me to this world…. they are hardly concerned about me…. my future,my health, my life, my happiness, nothing….. all they like is to team up against me and corner me…. and there I stand in the corner.. like the most lone person in this world… i m 28 years old.. don’t have a frnd… my parents didn’t allow me to have one… don’t have a partner…. my parents would hate if I had one….

    in all these years, I have become a freak… sometimes, when they show me their false and made-up emotions and fake concern… I just hate them like anything… I just want to go away … to some place where I would not have to bear with them…

    To top it all, they would always keep comparing me with somebody else who is better than I am… and that is a sign of their degrading feelings for me…

    And even after so much… at first they would just throw words at me like cats and dogs and then they expect me to eat something cooked by them… I mean how could u be so inhumane????? can they eat anything after someone insults or humiliates them so much??? I mean, how can they even think about it???

    now, i know, it’s them who have ruined my entire life…. keeping me under their protection so far, and then possessing my life…..[/undefined]

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