I am very Very Scared.! Scared to DEATH!

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    Hi I am 21 male. I am scared of performing/doing stuff/talking to people when others are looking at me. I am scared of presentations or situations like that in which I am center of focus for everyone.

    2 years ago there was my sister’s engagement function. We have this tradition in which the bride’s brother welcomes the Groom. I was standing at the reception with my family and family friends behind me and the groom entered the door with his family and other guests behind me. I was supposed to give him warm welcome and make him drink the juice/cold drink from the bowl I was holding.

    I got nervous and my hands started shaking. The entire moment turned awkward and Groom’s guests started hooting. I got very ashamed and depressed, however I pulled myself together so that I could host the function with smiles and fresh face.

    Similar situation happened in my school a few years back, where I was supposed to give presentation in front of 200 students class. I walked upto the stage and got so nervous that my voice started breaking, my entire body was trembling and everybody started to laugh.

    In a few months, my sister’s wedding is planned. Since this is the wedding, after my sister, I’ll be under the focus and spotlight for all things. I’ll to welcome the Groom and perform similar traditions. I am very very scared. I don’t want to make fun of myself in front of the my brother in law and his guests. I don’t want to feel the same humiliation. Even if I opt out of performing these traditions, I’ll have to welcome the groom his guests and be the center of the wedding besides my sister (The bride).

    What can I do to effectively resolve this condition? Even the thoughts of such humiliation kill me from inside. I am very scared. I want to be BOLD and Confident at the wedding. I have tried the guides for confidence on the internet, however they didn’t work for me. I visited a psychologist and they couldn’t resolve this issue either.

    PLEASE please please help me. I want to be bold and confident and don’t want to give a rats ass about being the center of focus.



    Hi bro, its similar for most of the people so its not only problem u having this. The main reason is that u think u will going to do any mistakes before doing anything. So try to avoid this kind of feelings. Try to focus on the things that only u wants to do and dont think about what may be it results further..

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