i close my eyes and all i see is a dark paradise.

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    hi prachii, i m a 23 year old girl pursuing company secretary…i recently had a break up..my relationship was 5 years and six months old…he broke up with me because he doesnt find me compatible enough…recently i had been going down in academics.this was my 3 attempt and i couldnt clear it this time also…i feel he dumped me because of this reason..because he himself is a phd student researching in defence economics…thinking about all this breaks my heart…i did everything i could..but somewhere he just wanted to get away from me..i feel cheated..being such a long relationship…i have shared variation of relationships with the guy,being my lover he was also a gaurdian to me..i feel lost..at nights i get panic attacks..i use to call him and he never picked up…sometimes his phone was busy all night..i have become a very egative person..i dont trust anyone…i m always depressed..i know that what ever i m doing is ot helping me..i m trying to forget him..but it is next to impossible…i feel him everywhere…recently i have stopped contacting him..n now i fear contacting him because somewhere i feel he will not pick my call..this guy has been the world to me..and seeing him not there kills me..please help me…

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