I dealt with my OCD, now I’m beginning to see the side effects.

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    I am a college student studying engineering. I finally decided to seek some advice on my concurrent problem (psychological?) as I have many conflicting opinions.

    I diagnosed myself with OCD when I was 17 after watching a movie in which a character had OCD. I remember myself spending a major part of my day washing myself, I had an obsession with the number seven, I used to bite my nails( and I still do!), I made lots of patterns etc.

    I was 15 when I found ways by which I reduced my practising certain techniques. One of the technique was to lick all the “germ infected” objects with my tongue and I gradually got rid of my habits. I started playing basketball and it helped a lot (I ended up being my school team captain).
    All my other habits vanished along with the germ phobia.

    Now, I realise that all my techniques have side effects. Till the time I had OCD my performance in academics was excellent and once I started practising these techniques, my performance came down ( evident from my annual school report cards). My teachers were/are confident that I was smart enough to do very well in school but I always under-performed. Similarly, Even though I was the basketball team captain my performance during a basketball match greatly dropped then my performance during practice matches.

    I believe that by practising my techniques with OCD I have shut down certain parts of myself and I try to avoid certain situations (eg. situations in which my skills are put to test.).

    I hope to receive some advice very soon!
    Thank you.

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