i have a bpd dad. HELP!

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    lily hopkins

    if you don’t know what bpd is, this link explains it:https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-intelligent-divorce/201503/the-borderline-father
    my dad is sweet and cheery in front of my mom and relatives/friends, but the MOMENT they leave he becomes a monster. i hate Hate HATE him. just now i got mad at my brother, so i pinched him, all in good fun, right? wrong. my dad took me to the bathroom, soaked me in ice cold water, and beat me up. my mom got home, and asked why i was wet and crying (i was in a towel by now) my dad said that i took a shower. i broke down and told my mom through tears what he did, but she fucking thought i was LYING. god, she thought i had a nightmare or something, because,”my dear husband wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing! go to your room right now young lady!” could i get some help, please?


    Hi, I think your dad is suffering from some sort of mental illness. Because people usually do such kind of things while they’re mentally unstable. So here you don’t have any fault for which you shouldn’t have worried. This is probably because of bad parenting. So you just need to be careful with your dad and you have to convince your mom so that she can believe in you and take your dad to some therapist.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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