I have started hating love

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    I am the only daughter of my parents. However, my childhood was slightly different. My parents spent most of the time fighting with each other. Hence, I used to feel isolated at times. As, I grew up, I started spending most of the times, outside as I never felt good at home. Suddenly, I met somebody who changed my life forever. I have never such an amazing person before. He is 8 years older to me, hence, he used to guide me. Soon, our friendship developed into love.

    After, we were in a relationship, he started treating with more love and care. but unlike most of the girls, I started getting me annoyed and I don’t know why??? I consider myself blessed to have him and I also love him but I tend to shout at him saying ”I don’t need love. Stay away from me”. e The more he loves me, the more miserable I make his life. I know its unusual and I need help!!

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