I m deeply stuck..Need help!!!

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    First of all, a little about me…
    presently i m in second year of btech(CSE). I love reading about psychology and i also have read about it for two years as a interest not just for studying. so i also know a bit of about it. I m very good at studies but very poor in communication with others. I m a little introvert kind of person. from the last 4 years i havent played any outdoor sports though i love to play. i really care of what other people say or think about me. I cannot even stand for myself against somebody. Actually my life is driven by people surrounding me, which i really dont want. even i dont like to be an introvert.

    I really want to play outside with my friends but i fear that all will laugh at me if i dont play good. when i m outside and somebody laughs standing by my side, i assumes that he laughing at me only even though he is actually not.

    Now i remain in fear of even going outside of my house, fear of that somebody might throw some indescent comment on me. i really fear of going to market to buy something or at any place that is full of people.
    Any kind of help or solution will be appreciated…

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