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    Hi all, my name is ankit i am in a relationship for last 1.5 years with a girl and she used to love me a lot more then anything, i was addicted to alcohol, smoking weed and due to this i was unable to give her time although whenever she needed me i was there and i too love her a lot but due to my problems i was unable to leave all this. she always asked me to leave smoking and alcohol habits but i always took her lightly we broke up twice because of this too but again she came back to me saying that this would be the last time. Now i am in the same situation she caught me smoking weed and she has broke up with me and she hates me like hell this happened five days ago. Also there is a guy who is her friend and he use to love her from 1.5 years ass well and now she has decided to go back to her as she feels that she is special to him and he loves her more than i do, And i seriously cannot live without her now i have decided to quit everything and did the same too. but she is not ready to even see my face please advice what should i do, i just need her back in my life and i wont be the same now. Please advice me something i am very tensed. I just love her alot and i want her to be back with me ;(

    Please some one help and advice me what should i do i am unable to bear her going with some one else i love her



    Hi bro now you should realise her that you are really changed and you will not going to do that again but it takes a little time for that she will be angry on u for just few days only. You can make promise on her because girls always believe if u do any promise on them and for future u should not make any bad habits…:-:)



    hey guy…
    no offence…but love is about the other persons happiness…..u do not have a control over yourself….nd u r addicted to stuff….u said you want her in life….she is not a thing…she is a person….she chooses who she wants to be with….you just have to mend your ways….nd be a man she wants
    please change….it will help you and her too



    Dear Ankit

    First of all, Its good to know that you are aware about your problem, and that you believe and accept that you are addicted to alcohol and a substance like weed. So you have already taken a step towards having a substance free future. Although it appears that you did put efforts of leaving the substance behind, but couldn’t stop yourself from discontinuing. I can understand that it is difficult to quit, but not impossible. Therefore, I would suggest that you first need to take some help from a trained professional, either a psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist who specializes in de-addiction, so that a relapse can be avoided, and you can successfully manage, control and cope with the addiction related issues.

    As you mentioned before, there has been breach of trust several times in the past, because of which the relationship hit the lows, so I would suggest that you put energy on developing and emerging as a healthy, addiction-free individual- the one she loves and you love, so that you can find solutions to win her trust back.

    There are a list of trained psychologists available in the therapist directory of the hopenetwork.in, who can help you start your journey towards deaddiction. Incase of further guidance, counselling and psychotherapy sessions, feel free to approach.

    Hopelessly Hopeful!

    Ruchi Trivedi
    Clinical Psychologist- Hopenetwork.in

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