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    Sam Maina

    hi, im Samuel
    i got an issue, i dated this lady that i loved very much ,throughout the time i was ever smiling ever happy we really lived life. We dated for a period of two years then one day i said something that dint make her happy, i told her that she had become too busy of late.things then started changing , i tried to apologize but nothing went back to being normal, i realized she was seeing someone else. i tried talking to her forgave her but she was already gone,
    life become miserable, i was ever sad i started dressing funny , i got comfortable living alone without friends, and now thats what have become of me.
    she has to text me and call each day but that makes me even miserable even though i enjoy talking to her and her silence makes me sick.i have not been able to see or date anyone since then (now 19 months)
    i need help please someone advise me couze i want to go back to being the funny ever talking and ever smiling samuel that once existed a few years ago.
    i am always wondering what i did to provoke her, what i did not do wright couze everything i see has to have a memory of her

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