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    tina mehta

    hey , i am a 20 year old medical student.. i am severely depressed… and i dnt have anyone to talk.. my parents hate me…my mom dad and elder brother hate me, dont respect me at ol… my mom she wont talk to me most of the tyms.. and whenevr she does thats only because she wants to taunt me, shout on me or she needs to get some job done..and bcz of her constantly complaining about me to my other relative nobody respects me … i dont have any friends left.. all my friends are busy with their lifes in different cities..and i cannot relate to any1 in my recent clg.. m very shy and conservative , not a party person.. so i dont have any friend.. plus i dnot think ny1 would understand my situation.. i just want to die….can ny1 help me?????

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