I need to know what it is that I have

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    I can’t seem to understand myself one minute I’m happy and excited hyper even and the next I’m sad and feel lonely even if there is a clear reason for me to be happy and no reason to be sad I just am. Other times I will suddenly become very irritable to the point where I have gotten angry and began to argue with my mom over not finding a mug even though I know I don’t care about it its like I lose control of myself and my body is just acting and speaking while I’m in the back corner of my mind asking myself what are you doing?! However I just can’t seem to regain control on my own I just have to wait for it to be over and apologize for things that I did that I feel weren’t even my actions. This is creating problems between me and my family and friends so please help me understand



    Hi , ur problem is not so big as u think. I think u are not sharing ur thoughts or the things which u have in ur mind with others. Its a common problem of youths. Can u tell me what ur hobbies and interests? U can also contact me in my email id

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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