i think i am depressed and i can't make my family understand

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    i am preparing for civil services and couple of weeks ago, i had to end a relationship that i had for 6 years, at least i think it is ended. i said its over and as usual he didn’t respond. but the break up is not my problem, i have made up my mind. but 6 years is a long time and there are so many memories and because of all that i have shut myself out, trying to phase it out. i have shut myself out of the world, having myself locked in my room all day. but the thing is, i have exam in 2 months and i am struggling to concentrate and i couldn’t concentrate, and i couldn’t stop feeling this awful all the time. i am not crying, which is extremely odd for me, because i am like a human hose pipe. but i can’t cry, i tried… i just can’t. and i think this is making me all depressed all the time. i tried talking to my family. but they are not understanding. they are pushing me to concentrate in my studies, if only it is that simple. i wanted to get professional help. but being conservative as they are, they don’t want me to, because they don’t want anything to think that i am a nut case, which create a bad impression on me when it comes to getting me married. not that i am too keen to marry anyone now or anytime for that matter. i am in really deep **** and i really want to get back into concentrate on my studies, i can’t afford to lose anymore time. i feel like, if i could talk about it to someone i might feel better. but i don’t trust anyone and because of my trust issues, i don’t have any friends. its pathetic i know, but i had some really bad experiences with friends and i am not ready to make myself vulnerable to anyone right now. i am trying so hard to keep it all together, but the more i try, the more i am breaking down everyday and i am scared that if i let anyone in again, i might let down the guard and they will break me completely. i can’t afford to break down now, with my exams so near. anyone have any suggestions?? anything might help me at this point.



    Hi jesse, u r getting depressed only for the break up of ur relationship. But don’t be get worry. No one will be with u all the time except urself. So don’t care for all who ignored u instead spend more time who are with u till now. U r just having the fear of losing all but its depends on ur attitude that how u will going to treat others. Now ur concentration should be on ur studies not on others. When u will live ur life happily then then everyone will be atr
    attracted by ur life. Always think u did’nt lost anything instead he is loser when he didn’t get ur love. So be strong and confident on urself u can achieve any goal of ur life.

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